Are we liking other religions too much?

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Are we liking other religions too much?

Postby Williamhawk » 2018 02 05, 5:02


I am becoming increasingly aware of the Catholic Churches acceptance of the other world religions, esp Islam, since it is considered one of the great monothestic religions. My book Catholism for Dummies speaks of the commonality we share, and I have noticed how the Church will not call Muslims or Jews unbelievers, but will focus on their belief in God, even though the Muslim belief in God is very different than ours.

When I was Protestant, you either followed Christ or you middle ground, but it seems the Catholic Church will not make such distinctions. Christ is the only way, not just believing in God or having the same ancestor, ie Abraham. Both Jews and Muslims deny Christ as the can we cozy up with them? Is anybody else finding this unsettling?

Please help.


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